QuickBooks is the most-used computer accounting system for small businesses and nonprofits. Many organizations are currently using QuickBooks or have made the choice to use QuickBooks Online. One of the reasons is as flexible as it is powerful.


With all that flexibility, many users find that they may not be using all of the great features that are built in to QuickBooks. Others discover while their business has grown and changed, their accounting system hasn’t and they need a QuickBooks tune-up.


BeanCounter.Solutions helps businesses and nonprofits get the most from their QuickBooks systems. QuickBooks is so much more than an accounting system, it can really be a partner in your success.. If it seems like you should be getting better information with less effort, then there’s a good chance that you need a QuickBooks expert to ‘look under the hood’.


BeanCounter.Solutions can review your QuickBooks setup and work with you to make sure you are taking advantages the features that work best for your business or nonprofit. We can also clean up your accounting system and teach your staff to make the best use of all those features. All this adds up to better information so you can be more successful.


We also offer an online course designed to help nonprofits make the best use of QuickBooks. The course teaches basic bookkeeping concepts and how they are incorporated into QuickBooks Online.  Finally, you will learn to use the system to track financial activities, create and use budgets, bill and collect receivables, pay bills and create meaningful reports that you to make good financial decisions.


Our goal is to help you make the best use of your QuickBooks system. We do that by making sure that you have the best setup for your business and workflows, your accounting records are up-to-date, your staff is well trained and you have expert help that you can call on when you need it.

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