BeanCounter Solutions and Beverly have been a godsend for my organization. As the director of an organization with a more than 50-year track record, I was hesitant to change our system for fear of losing the valuable financial history and insight. Beverly made our transition to Quickbooks and off-site bookkeeping seamless. Her organization and technical skills are top-notch – no time was ever wasted. I felt like every productive conversation moved us forward to a great system and I learned so much about how to make the most of Quickbooks along the way. I am happy to share my story with prospective clients.

Joe McCarthy

When it comes to Quickbooks tutorials, the various self-help books and videos talk a good show, but Bean Counter Solutions tutorial videos actually make it happen in a truly helpful and supportive way. These thorough tutorials are the reason KNVC 95.1 FM is now confident in its bookkeeping and accounting practices. The top-light professional quality of these tutorials has helped KNVC to measurable decrease data entry mistakes, increase timely bill paying and ensure overall improvement in our reporting processes. We didn’t know where to begin. Along came Bean Counter Solutions. Now we use QuickBooks Online with confidence.


I thought this was a brilliant overview. Sometimes the explanations got ahead of me, but that’s due to my own lack of experience/understanding of accounting and QuickBooks. As I start to use QuickBooks, I’m sure I’ll dip back in to re-acquaint myself with the Chart of Accounts.

Mike Lupica

Beancounter Solutions is exactly the resource I’ve been wishing existed for years. The linear and ground-up instructional style makes it approachable even for the Quickbooks-averse members of your non-profit team. I was able to improve my admittedly basic QBO skills by following the full lesson plan from start to finish, but the thematic modules also make it a great reference tool for quick lookups of specific tasks or functions.

Jeff Pope

Working with QuickBooks Online through BeanCounter.Solutions has been a complete game changer for KSJD.  We’re a small non-profit in a rural community, which makes getting professional bookkeeping difficult and affordable.  With BeanCounter.Solutions’ application of QBO to our business, we now have access to information we need to run the business at any time.  This makes our reporting more efficient and helps us in planning.  I can’t believe we never did this before!


I have learned a great deal from the BeanCounter.Solutions course. I only have a minimal background in bookkeeping and most of that was paper-based. Part of my job now is recording electronic transactions for a non-profit organization. I have found that after completing this course I get more accomplished, and have a better understanding of the information I am providing to my co-workers.