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QuickBooks is the most-used computer accounting systems for nonprofits. Many organizations are either currently using QuickBooks desktop or are just getting started and have made the choice to use QuickBooks Online. This course is designed for users that are either new to Quickbooks Online, or that have started using it but have realized that they are not making the best use of the amazing features of this system. Often, with current users, QuickBooks Online was set up without a complete understanding of how all the features work or that it has been used over time by a number of different bookkeepers who have added ambiguity and complexity to the system, making it difficult to get valid information out of it.

This course by starts at the beginning – showing new and current users how to make good decisions when setting or re-settiing up the system, but also teaching why different setup decisions are important and how they will help get better financial information in less time. The course goes on to teach basic bookkeeping concepts and how they are incorporated into QuickBooks Online. Finally, it teaches how to use the system to track financial activities, create and use budgets, bill and collect receivables and create the kinds of meaningful reports that allow management to make good financial decisions.